Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Elder Zitting is now in Thailand!

Elder Zitting arrived safely in Thailand around 11:00 Tuesday morning our time, Thai time (which is 13 hours ahead of ours) was around midnight. I'm sure he and the other missionaries with him were exhausted after their long flight and hopefully got several hours of sleep.

This is what we received from the mission office this morning when we turned on the computer:
"Dear Zitting Family, we are happy to report that your son, Joshua, has safely arrived in Bangkok and is in very good spirits. He has been interviewed by President Smith and oriented by the office staff. He will receive his first assignment in the morning at the regular transfer meeting. His prep day will be on Mondays."

Can I just say it is such a relief as a parent to get that letter after thinking about him nonstop for two days and hoping he made it there safely.

These were the events of the last few days for Josh -

He and his district left the MTC on Monday the 20th at 10:00 a.m., arrived at the SL International Airport, checked his bags (which weighed exactly 50 lbs. each, a backpack on his back and pulling a carry-on), went through security, called his family, got some lunch and then officially left U.S. soil at 1:50 p.m.

He talked to us for an hour from an airport phone, giving us the rundown of his last 10-1/2 weeks in the MTC. He loved his experience with awesome teachers and fellow mission buddies. Served as District Leader, got several shots, greeted lots of friends also entering the MTC during that time and enjoyed all the wonderful letters and packages sent from family and friends. He spoke some Thai for us, which sounded great, how would we know otherwise, and liked getting caught up on everyone and everything happening here at home. He sends his greetings and love to all who are following him during his mission.

His trip went something like this - from SLC a long 12 hour non-stop flight to Tokyo (with much delight for Josh at being able to see just a small part of his brother's mission for three hours from the windows of that airport), then boarded another plane for an additional 7 hour flight to his final destination, Bangkok. This will be his new home for approximately 22 months. It should be quite an experience. We anxiously await getting our first letter.