Monday, September 26, 2011

New area, new companion, letters and pictures from the last three weeks in Surin

Our church in Surin (sorry you have to turn your head to see it correctly)

Ronald McDonald praying

Street after rain in Surin

September 12, 2011

I was moved to Surin, the city of Elephants. I had heard while on my way down on the movers bus that I was going to stay in the Isaan (northeast part of Thailand). My new companion was a complete shock. It is Elder Intervong from Laos. He can speak Thail fluently and speaks very little English. It is a complete 360 from what I was in - a house with four elders who all speak English and laugh at my jokes and stuff to a two elder house with someone who can't understand my language very well let alone my jokes. He seems like a nice guy though.

We had a baptism. A girl named Noker who is 15. I never had the opportunity to teach her but it was really cool to see her get baptized. We currently have some baptismal dates and I am looking forward to this next week to teach them. I have seen lots of elephants since I have been here. I will make sure to take some pictures of them to send you.

Love you,
Elder Zitting

Baptism of Noker. Our branch Pres. Daay baptized her.

Pretty clouds in the sky in Surin.

We caught these little crabs and ate them. They were pretty good!

Last district in Udorn - Elders Olive, Char, me, Martins, Bender, Doria and Sisters Alisa and Yinn

September 19, 2011

Thank you for all of your wonderful emails and letters. They are always so much appreciated. Thank you for all the words of support and help that you are willing to give me all the time. This transfer has not been the easiest but I am trying to take it day by day. I have gotten a little more used to the things that my companion does differently from the first two months that I have been here. I appreciate the experiences of your own that you have shared that will definitely help me as I am going through the same kinds of things that some of you did as you served your missions. I know this is where the Lord wants me and there are things that I need to learn here and that is why I have been placed in this situation.

I got to go to Buriram for District meeting last week. That was fun to see some Elders that I could speak to in English. I had the opportunity to switch off with the AP's last Wednesday as well. One of them, Elder Campbell finishes his mission next month. We went to visit a family that he baptized when he served here about a year ago. That was a cool experience. It is a great family of six that have made a huge difference in the church here.

We have a new investigator, a girl named Gift who is a referral from the girl we just baptized. She is great and should get baptized here soon. We also have two Cambodian people we are teaching named Niang and Nuan. One of them can actually speak English. They have a strong desire to be baptized and another guy named An.

The food here in Surin is delicious. I have found probably the best Dum Sung and Pad Thai place I have eaten at here in T-land. Dum Sung is just your normal rice with chicken or pork and stuff like that. Pad Thai is noodles with other stuff in it, I don't really know, but it is way yummy!

Love you all!
Elder Joshua Benjamin Zitting

Chapel in Udorn

Me and Pres. Sxa (Tiger) - best member in T-land

Me and Harry, from Vietnam, here for school. I taught him last moves, he wants to get baptized so bad but his parents won't let him until he is done with school in three years.

Me and Bro. Jack - coolest member in Udorn. Helped us teach alot.

Elders Char, Me, Olive and Doria after English class last moves.

September 26, 2011

I love emails and letters. I love hearing about everything that is going on out there in the far away country of America. Still weird when I think about it. Kind of seems like the world just stops while I am over here because I have no clue what is going on most of the time. So thank you all for filling me in and confirming that the world is still spinning over in North America as well.

This week has been good. Inviting is a little different here in Surin. I can't really talk to everyone like I think it is supposed to be done, so then we don't get as many lessons and have less people to teach. Teaching is slower, lessons are longer. In Udorn everything was fast and efficient. Here we are averaging 8 lessons a week, none with members. Not good. In Udorn we got 20 at least every week if not 25. Still we have two baptismal dates, Gift and An. Getting more used to the branch and everything though. There are some great members here as there are in this whole country. The members that actually go to church are really strong and they give us food. Thai people are so generous, especially when it comes to eating. That is usually the first thing people say after they say Sawadii. Gin khaaw rxx yang? Have you eaten yet? Love it.

Okay Famiy. Loved Ones. Friends and Everyone. Thank you for everything. You're all fantastic. I pray for you all everyday. I know that the Lord is willing to answer your prayers when you sincerely get down on your knees and ask. I have found that to be true even more so since I have been on my mission. He listens!

Love you all,
Elder Zitting