Monday, October 10, 2011

Six Months...

Helloooooooo! I haven't been feeling the greatest the past week or so with headaches, stomachache and then my whole body was aching. There was a nurse in our branch yesterday that gave me some medicine. I feel better, just very weak - probably because I haven't eaten in over 40 hours. I will go eat right after this.

Watched all 5 sessions of general conference on Saturday and Sunday. That was way cool even though it was all in Thai, but the singing is in English! haha. The translators talk really fast. I can't comprehend what they are saying when they talk that fast. I try though and from what I could understand the talks were really good. I loved Elder Holland's in Priesthood. I don't think I have ever heard a talk from him that I haven't liked.

So Kyle Wright's comin to T-Land! So tighttttttttttt. Best mission in the world. That is way cool. He will be a great missionary if he works as hard for the Lord as he worked during baseball season! Great to hear about everyone that is getting ready to go into the MTC.

Got to go on switch-offs this week with our District Leader, Elder Piyanat in Buriram. He is Thai and way sweet. His companion is Elder Revelli, from my MTC group. He went to Lone Peak. We knew each other in middle school so that is pretty cool. Got to play some ping pong finally. We have a ping pong table at out house, but I never get to play it with anyone. I hope my next companion can play, get a legit game goin. Elder Piyanat is pretty good.

Had a little bit of a scare this week with our visas. We are barely in this country right now. Really the only reason we are allowed in this country is because we teach English every Tuesday. Sometimes it is harder to renew our visas than other times, it's the government. This week we had to take pictures of us teaching English and send them to the mission office to be able to renew our visas in the future.

As far as investigators and missionary work here in Surin, we still have An, Gift, and Tong as baptismal daters. An has been really hard to make an appointment with so it is really hard to prepare him for baptism. This week we have training meeting in Ubon where the whole zone will meet and ZL's. President Smith will do training.

Thank you all for your love and support in everything. Love always.
Elder Zitting