Monday, February 27, 2012

On being a missionary...

I found a Shorty dog here in Thailand. He is taken care of and looks just like my dog. It makes me miss my dog.

English class is definitely our best source of getting new investigators. We still go tracting of course because every once in a while you do find people who are prepared. The Lord will bless us when we go out and knock doors in the burning heat. We broke some records this week. I have always been one to like statistics and stuff like that you know, so it is fun to look at my different key indicators each week and compare them with past weeks and add them up, do averages and stuff like that. Ha, I'm a herd, but it's kinda fun. So this last Tuesday we taught 11 lessons with members in one day and got 9 new investigators. I know missionary work is definitely not all about the numbers but it does help to keep ourselves accountable.

We have four main investigators progressing right now - Euy, Jiaw, Wuy and Guay Jab. Wuy is a stud and everyone at church likes him a lot. We have two new baptismal daters - Son and Fang. Fang is a friend of Jiaw. Two of our daters came to church yesterday. I love bringing investigators to church here, the members really watch over them and help them. It is a nice church building too which helps people want to come inside. Most people look at the scary Surin church and think it probably stinks in there so they don't go. But this church is great. Look forward to this week and helping all of these new investigators we found and also our main progressors become closer to baptism.

Valentine's Day was exciting last week. Got little love notes from sketchy English students, ate some rice, got a package from home with pictures (yeah, love pictures) and Ghiradelli chocolate. Yummmmm

We got permission to start looking at apartments around this area. We are now living in a house in a kind of ghetto neighborhood. The goal is for every companionship to be in some sort of apartment in the near future. It's just easier money wise and stuff. There are some big buildings close to the church that are only a year old and super nice but kind of small. We are looking for something in our budget that can hopefully fit all four Bangkapi Elders.

Funniest thing happened yesterday. I started talking to a member who I had never seen at church here in the Bangkapi ward before. We got talking and found out he lives in Orem, Utah. I was like, "oh I know someone in Orem who is Thai named Anjida." He and his wife were like, "Oh yeah, we know them." Then it clicked, they were the two people that came over to visit the night we were at the Draper's for dinner before I left on my mission, back when I didn't know anything about Thai or Thaiand. What a small world. They are here for about one more month then will be heading back to Utah. Way funny. We took a picture.

Thailand really takes pride in their toilets in public places for tourists. Here is a picture of one with this plaque over it.

Elder Z in the hospital

Elder Lyman chillin' with me in the hospital

Tuesday morning, Jan. 31st, I did personal study and then went to the church to have a meeting with the Bishop. After that we had a district meeting. During district meeting I slowly started feeling really lightheaded and dizzy, couldn't think straight. Made it through district meeting but then I had to lay down. From then on mostly everthing was a blurr. The Elders gave me a blessing. They took me to the nearby hospital where they checked me out pretty thoroughly, gave me some meds and sent me home. The next day I was way out of it so Elder Lyman took me to the hospital again. The doctors saw that I was very dehydrated. Stayed in the hospital for three days. My doctor was a guy from India who wore a turban. Way nice guy. The nurses were very nice and it is good to know they are taking care of you but I would prefer to just be healthy. The nurses were all Thai but could speak English too.

President Smith called Mom and Dad and I got to talk to them on the phone. I have a return appointment at the hospital at the beginning of next month.

View from the hospital window.

This past week I have really felt the presence of the Lord in my everyday life. Even when I was in the hospital I knew the whole time the Lord knows what's happening. I knew everything would be okay and that maybe this experience was something that I needed to have. I am so grateful for everything that the Lord puts in our path. It is all for our good and oru learning in this life. I am so thankful for the experiences and the great life I have been given. I know that everything that happens in our lives is just part of our Heavenly Father's plan of happiness for every single one of his children on the earth. He just asks us to have faith in him and follow our Savoir Jesus Chris and the reward after this life will be greater than anything we can even possibly imagine.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Pictures from Surin and Bangkok

Saamlaw (three wheeler)
Old guys drive these around everywhere giving people rides for 10 baht

Khlong Monster (river boats)

Bayoke Tower - tallest building in Bangkok

Me and Elder Lyman -
Eating at the restaurant on top of Bayoke Tower

Bangkapi Elders at the top of the Tower

That's me

View from the Tower

Fish we cooked...

This sign reads as follows:
50 baht Adults
20 baht Growing kids (does that mean teenagers?)
10 baht Small kids
100 baht Foreigners

Earthquake at Swenson's

Street in Bangkok - Can see Bayoke Tower

Tuk Tuk - Me and Elder Jensen
We took these a lot in Surin and Udorn but don't really see them much in Bangkok

Downtown Asoke

Christmas tree Elder Dixon and I decorated in Surin

Too tall...

P-day Eve shirt my family sent me. Haha, we don't use that term here for our night before P-day, but I think I will start.

A Christmas party outside the church in Surin