Monday, July 2, 2012

5/27/12 American Fork won the State Championship - New Companions

Our new English sign

Thai money

OH MY GOSH!! I am freaking out right now because American Fork won the state championship. I really am so happy right now you have no idea. There's just something when you are in a baseball program or any program/sports team for four years plus you get really close and get a lot of pride for our team! That is probably the best news I have received my entire mission. I am so pumped for Ingersoll and all those guys. We trained them all when we were seniors so they could take the title when they were seniors. What Studs! Way to go boys. Elder Wright and I are going to freak out next time we see each other. Just stuff like that doesn't even cross my mind because I am a missionary. Thank you for telling me. SO DEEEEEEEECE!!

That is going to give me strength to fight through this next transfer in the mission field because I know my fellow Cavemen worked hard.

I am still in Rangsit which is good, but Elder Tzanis moved to the Isaan which is bad. I am in a threesome with Elder Price and Engle, the other elders in our house. Engle is a greenie. It's just hard being in a threesome especially since they recently split the Rangsit area and put two companionships in it and now they're making it one again. So it will be hard to retain all of our investigators from both areas but we will try our best. There is an odd number of missionaries in the mission right now so we have to be a threesome until another comes in.

While in my threesome companionship with Elder Price and Engle we were congratulated by President Smith on a really successful week. We had 10 investigators at church, 18 total lessons and a good handful of new investigators. I have gotten a few of those calls on my mission but this one was specifally to the Rangsit threesome. We also said goodbye at Zone Training to President and Sister Smith who will be ending their mission and President and Sister Senior will be coming in.

Our threesome, Elder Price, Engle and me at the Family Awards Night at the Jangwatana Church

Family Awards Night is a big program that the church puts on every single year and gives trophies to a few non-member Thai citizens who help their community. The church gets their name out there really well. There were about 200 people there and quite a few of them being non-members. The reason I was there was because the Elders were invited to sing. A group of 9 Elders from our zone sang Love at Home. We sounded really good and I thought my choir days were over.

Family Awards sign

Daily pile of dead cockroaches

Roasted pig heads for sale

A very long bike ride..

For P-day we decided to ride our bikes to Ayutthaya, the ancient capitol of Thailand. It is just above Rangsit and Pathum Thani, but pretty far if you ride bikes. Yeah...we went with the Elders in Pakkret, Elders Siperley and Crawley. E-Crawley went to PGHS. They are super bikers and Elder Crawley has run tons of marathons. I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I agreed to do it. I was at the back of the pack the whole day. We left at 8 am from Rangsit and got back around 3 pm. It was way fun but I'm way tired and sunburned. We got some cool pictures of a big Buddhist Temple - not the huge one in the movie Mortal Kombat but another cool one. We'll go to the one in Mortal Kombat before I am done here in Rangsit for sure.

My sunburned legs and I even put sunscreen on

Eating at KFC

Elder Tzanis and I with Elder Chatt, a third companion we will have for a week until moves meeting. He is from Bankapi. I know him as Brother Drive, that's what his name was as a member. He got his call while I was there. It's way fun having a third companion, fun teaching and letting him know how the mission works and a little bit about how to be a missionary. Way nice kid!

My missionary life...

Eating with members before Tzanis moved.

Visiting with members in Rangsit

Thunder to the finals - Yeah!

The Last month or so...

Bowling with Elder Tzanis - 5 games in one hour

Tzanis and I at Subway

We invited the whole street for fun - that's a lot of doors!

The flood line when Bangkok had all that rain

All these trees died in the flood so they painted them - funny!

My investigator, Bow, makes these pocket things and sells them for 6 baht each. She has to sell six of them to be able to get a taxi to go to church.

20 baht ties (less than $1 each) and placemats I will send home at Christmas.

The Avengers - can't wait to see it when I get home!