Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Saymaay School

Last week we had an opportunity to go to a school in Saymaay, close to our area. We went there with members from our branch and also with two sets of senior couples. We went to give out books to children at the school there.

They had a big assembly and we all introduced about what the church is and what we do. It really is a great idea. Now when those kids grow up they will always have a good memory of the missionaries and members of the church that came to their school and gave them books.

Kids are so cute! Especially Thai ones! But American ones are too...I miss them.

Dinner at President Thawit's house, the BP

My marked up scriptures!

I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and the Savior of the world. I know that he lives and that his gospel and his church is the only way to save mankind. I love being a servant of the Lord and I am constantly trying my best to be the best that I can.

Another baptism

Another transfer and I am still here in Rangsit with Elder Trabing as I expected. We have a new elder from my MTC group in my house, Elder Raven, who is here with a greenie, Elder Buehner, who is half Japanese. Two greenies in the house now - pretty fun. Elder Trabing and I are just trucking along.

Don was baptized on the 19th - such a great day!! He is a boss! Also Sister Gaan was baptized. I taught her for about a month during those threesome days.

The Branch President, President Brayad, baptized Don and Brother Mai, a recent convert of less than a year, baptized Gaan. President Senior does not want any of the missionaries baptizing investigators anymore which is understandable. The priesthood of the branch should do it. It was a special day and this branch is growing.

I'm wearing the groomsman tie from Ammon's wedding.

Don shared his testimony for a special mother's day program we had during church and then after his baptism as well. He has a great testimony. I feel so lucky to be able to meet him first and teach him all the way to his baptism.

We have had some great Sunday's with investigators this month. One Sunday we had a total of 86 people at church and 20 of them our investigators. That is the most I have ever had at church on my mission. We got a referral from the city Bangkheen for a girl named Ying who went to church there but actually came in contact with the church while working in Hawaii this summer through a kid who has a mission call to South Africa. She was taught by the missionaries in Hawaii and went to church every Sunday. She is golden!

We had the best fast and testimony meeting I have ever been to in my time here in Thailand. All the testimonies were short, simple and full of the spirit. We also had the chance to go out to a Japanese class that one of the member's teaches. He is actually a member from a different province but he is working here for a couple of months. He used to live and work in Japan. He likes to teach free Japanese classes and so we went there to introduce ouselves and invite the students at his class to learn about the gospel. Two of them came to church! We had 10 investigators in all at church that day.

We had another Sunday with over 80 people at church. They tell us six months with 80 plus people at church and they can get a church building. They deserve it.

We have some other fantastic investigators, one whose name if Sang has accepted a date for the 23rd of September. His daughter Tawanta is probably 6 and is so super sensitive to the spirit, listens very quietly to everything we say and listens to hear the still small voice. Another man named Ganok. We found him inviting about two weeks ago. He is 70 years old but is not at all like most 70 year old Thai people. He knows what's going on. He has read to Helaman in two weeks. He promised us he would be at church and there he was. He wants to come every week now. What a tremendous blessing he is. He is golden. He has a baptismal date on the 23rd as well.

The rainy season is upon us. I got soaked, absoutely drenched, head to toe. It's bound to happen. Sometimes you just can't avoid it, especially when riding bikes. The rain just seems to come out of nowhere and pours but this will be my last rainy season here, so I gotta enjoy it!

My district

At Swensen's to celebrate/mourn the death (release) of our District Leader

I am a Trainer

President Senior called me to be a trainer. I am the same age as my father when he trained me. Moves 10. That's pretty cool. My son's name is Elder Trabing from Laramie Wyoming. The tenth different state/country I have had a companion from in my 15 months of being a missionary. He's a cool guy. I will most likely be his trainer for 12 weeks and will be some of the best learning experiences of my mission.

Elder Trabing and I eating Icedea ice cream

Steak...or ice cream?

Icedea - it's ice cream!

I was proud to be an American on July 24th and excited for Ammon and Haley to get married on July 26th. I can't believe I missed it all.

Celebrated the 24th at Swensen's

Ammon and Haley - married in Draper Temple July 26, 2012

Thanks for all the cool stuff you sent me from your trip to Rhode Island and Boston.

President Senior revealed his new commandments or rules for the mission. One of them is that we have to ride bikes everywhere we go. No more public transportation. It's difficult because because the roads are so busy and there's construction everywhere. It is really scary and definitely not the safest thing ever to be riding against and through 12 lanes of traffic, over bridges, etc. But that is what we were told to do so...we'll make it work. Honestly, riding vehicles is easier, faster, safer and overall just more effective.

10th of 16 transfers in my mission. Here's 12 planners down, 6 to go.

I passed my 16 month mark on August 6th. I don't really like it. These last 8 months are clutch time. It's gonna be over in a blink but I don't want it to be. Gotta make the most of the time that I have left.

6/25/12 My Own Companion

Elder Appleyard

I got my own companion for one transfer, Elder Appleyard, from England. He had to go home for about six months because he had a foot problem. His foot is all healed up and he can walk again. I will be his first companion coming back. He is one funny Englishman. We were together in the MTC. He is the one that wears skinny ties and my district played a trick on him in the MTC. We snuck into his room and all put on one of his skinny ties. We are going to do well together. He has such a great attitude about everything. The best way to describe him is "prancy" like a pony. Something like that.

Sister Prathin, Elder Appleyard, Bow, Brother Amphon and myself

Bow was baptized and chose me to be the priesthood holder that baptized her. It was way cool. I am confident that she will stay strong in the church and continue in raising her children in the church as well. I feel really good insidek right now, knowing that I had a part in helping her prepare and get baptized.

Bow's Baptism

Our office moved to Asoke and we got our new mission President, President Senior, in July. He is one smart guy and has a sense of humor as well. He even threw out a Dumb and Dumber quote yesterday when he couldn't find a scripture. "I think it's on page 46, 56 or 66. I was way off, Samsonite." haha I think elder Dixon and I were the only ones that got it in the whole crowd. He served in Japan on his mission. During District Conference in August President and Sister Senior spoke. They have both gotten way good at Thai. President Senior gave 90% of his 10 plus minute talk in Thai.

The new office in Asoke

We also had our first Zone Conference with President and Sister Senior. They have rockin' testimonies of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it is a testimony builder for me listening to them.

Rangsit/Bangbaathong district - Myself and Elders Warren, Sheremeto, Price, Gilley, Appleyard and Engle

After playing soccer