Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Bountiful Harvest in Rangsit

Ganok's Baptism - Elder Zitting, Ganok, Elder Trabing

Ganok's baptism was fantastic. In my eyes it was one of the biggest miracles that I have seen on my mission. Ganok was so ready and hungry for the gospel of Jesus Christ and I had the wonderful opportunity of finding him and seeing him baptized after just over a month of learning.

The group at Ganok's baptism

I have been thinking a lot of all the great things that have happened here and how much I have grown as a missionary and as a person. As I look back a lot has happened, a lot of life changing experiences. President Smith told me a few months ago before he left the mission that we would have a bountiful harvest here in Rangsit. For a long time I wondered what that meant but I think I understand now. I really have seen a bountiful harvest, the most success I have experienced on my mission thus far, that is for sure. First Bow was baptized then I had the opportunity of teaching and seeing Don and Ganok get baptized. Don was ordained to be a priest last week and yesterday he passed the sacrament and took us to teach one of his friends, already fulfilling his responsibilities of being a member in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Ganok is not far behind him. I love them both!

Priesthood leadership - President Brayad baptized Ganok


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Rangsit church building

Big spider in the house


MSF money

FHE at a member's house