Sunday, November 25, 2012

Life in Sakon Nakhon Continues

Just had my second transfer in the Sakon area. This is the bus we took back to Sakon Nakhon after transfers meeting in Bangkok. It looks more like a train with wheels.

This is my zone.

Elder Tzanis is in my zone again. I'm super excited to see him.

I don't know how he and I ended up with that chocolate and flowers, but it happened.

My shoes - nothing a little super glue can't fix. They are good but honestly I cannot wait to throw them away in 5 months.

Try to pronounce the name of this school -

Just taking some pictures with my new camera.

Elder Terry and I eating pizza with members.

Que pasa, just about the only mexican food you can get in Thailand -

Slash some burrito.

Slash some red velvet cake. Not as good as my sister Andrea's, that's for sure.

...And look here, caramel rice dessert, which isn't as good as my sister Emily's.

English class students.

The new Hobbit Movie poster. Looking forward to seeing that when I get home.

Monday, November 12, 2012

New Companion in Sakon Nakhon

This is a view from my apartment

Another view

Halloween Party in Udon

Dom yum gung arooy (delicious)

Transfer Week.
I rode the bus to Udon and then down to Bangkok last Wednesday night to get there in time for transfers meeting on Thursday. Elder Ellsworth moved and my new companion is Elder Terry from Brigham City, Utah. My second companion from Utah. He is from Elder Trabing and Ellsworth's MTC group. The third one I've had in a row from their group. There are only six in that group and I already have had half of them. He's a cool guy. He left on his mission when he was 20 so I am actually only 12 days older than him. He just moved from Srisaket which is another area in the Isaan.

Elder Ellsworth and I with shirts made by the members

It is going to be difficult here in Sakon. Elder Terry will get to experience what it is all about and why everyone calls it the outback...because it is way outback.

This my new suit made here in Thailand

Cool lining inside and my name - way deece

My district is still just two which I kind of like. I am still the district leader. We have one dater named Chaleum. Other than that our teaching pool is empty. We have some good goals for this transfer and will have to do a lot of finding as usual.

English sign we made by the church

Another one we put up around town

President Senior told the missionaries that we cannot ask members for referrals anymore. It is to help the members trust us more and me more willing to introduce their friends to the missionaries without us asking first. We can still encourage them to talk to their friends and things like that but straight up asking them if they have anyone we can teach, we cannot do anymore. That makes it hard because referrals have been the main source of all baptisms here in the last while.

Brasaat Phueng Festival

This buddhist temple sculpture is made completely out of wax. Pretty amazing. Sakon Nakhon is famous for that.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ohh's Baptism and more

Ohh's Baptism with members of the branch

Ohh and President Dohn

Myself and Elder Ellsworth with Ohh

Here I am in front of the church in Udon, back in my greenie area while doing exchanges.

A cool statute in Udorn

Me and my bike. We have been a lot of places in the last 19 months.

Look here - the Jazz made it in the newspapers in Thailand -

I ate two crazy things recently - dog and bird. My little sister won't like that I ate dog. This picture is of the birds after they are cooked with the bones and feathers on them. I won't lie, they're not my favorite thing. Having the feathers on them was...well...interesting and as for the dog I had to try not to think of my dog back home in Utah.