Monday, December 10, 2012

Roy Gra Tong Festival

Lighting lanterns after Zone Conference

Floating festival lanterns like in the Tangled movie -

Floating boats with candles -

Elder Terry and I made this map of the branch. It took a good month to make, a few hours a week and now it's done!

Eating an earthquake at Swensen's for lunch - 8 scoops of ice cream - whoa!

We put up this Christmas tree last week at the church -

We had a Christmas movie activity last Friday. We watched "Joy to the World."

This is a cool tree I've never seen before in Thailand -

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bountiful Harvest in Sakon Nakhon

Chalee's (Charlie) baptism

It was an interesting baptism. He showed up like five minutes before, as he always does and then the brother that baptized him, Brother Gung, is a less active Aaronic Priesthood holder. It was a good experience for Brother Gung, even though it took quite a few times for him to get the words right and to get him completely in the water, but in the end it worked out. That's the reason President Senior wants the local priesthood to perform the baptisms instead of the Elder's.

Mission Tour in Udon with Elder Kent D. Watson and his wife

The transfers meeting and District Conference we had with Elder Watson was great. We left on Friday November 16th for Bangkok. The meetings were about eight hours on Saturday and we returned on Sunday. The bus we took back to Sakon Nakhon is the picture on the previous post but it was so sweet here it is again.

Eight hours of meetings is not normal in the mission but they were all good. The branch from Laos was there as well, which was cool. Got my first real opportuniity to hear what Laotian sounds like. It is so similar to Thai I could understand most of it. Translating it is super hard though. Luckily I didn't have to do that this time.

We had a mission tour first. The focus for the tour was the Book of Mormon. We went in, out and around the Book of Mormon and talked about how key it is to our conversion and the conversion of all those people we teach in Thailand. It is the keystone of our religion. Without the Book of Mormon, we have nothing. It is what separates us from everyone else. It is great. We all had to prepare talks but not everyone gave them. I lucked out. I had it all prepared and ready to go but never got called on. They basically did rock, paper scissors to see who would speak because we didn't have a lot of time.

I decorated my apartment window with the stickers Mom sent me last year. That's all Elder Terry and I have done so far.

These are some Christmas fliers we put out for our showing of "Joy to the World" every Friday until Christmas.

We went to a festival called Roy Gra Tong. We couldn't go last year but President Senior let the missionaries go to it this year. They have it in most major provinces in Thailand. We went with members. It was super fun.

They put lit up lanterns into the air like in the movie Tangled and also put these little boats we are holding with candles on them in the water.

Fire on the water

Good food at the festival