Monday, April 8, 2013

Goodbye to My Grey Suit

I am homeward bound for America in four days. Time to say goodbye to this suit. It lasted the whole two years well.

I wrote my last email yesterday to my family. That is weird but I am ok with it. I am so excited to see everyone this week. It still hasn't hit me 100% that I am going home but I will believe it when it happens. Today is my last full proselyting day as a missionary. Hope it's a good one.

We hit our mark. We had 80 people at church on Sunday. I am satisfied and it makes me feel good that we reached the goal. It also feels good to be able to leave this place while it is on the rise, still growing and I expect it to keep rising and growing. I will be cheering on all of the branches that I have served in these last two years when I am in America wishing that I could go back and help them out more. I am super sad I could only be here in Phitsanulok for 9 weeks. This place was great. So dang hot, but great. The members are awesome and I was able to fulfill my purpose of inviting others to come unto Christ while I was here.

My white handbook, or so they call it, now blue -

A picture that my comp, Elder Wood, drew of our P-lok district -

All of us posing like the drawing...Sister Campos, Zatarain, Church, Hassan, Elder and Sister Harris, Elder Wood and myself -

Slightly different pose -

New English signs -

Some not so normal graffiti signs for Thailand -